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cinnamon clove scrub DIY

DIY Moisturizing Cinnamon Clove Body Oil Scrub

It’s that time of the year in most of the country that skin starts to get a bit drier due to lower temperatures. Body scrubs are so great to keep the skin soft and moisturized. They help exfoliate the skin so products penetrate a bit more and don’t just sit on top. I was recently unpacking…yesss…I know I’ve been in […]

lower lash line blending

Lower Lash Line Blending 101 | Plus Brush Recommendations

Last week I posted about Blending 101 with a focus on the lid. To complete that post I will be detailing some lower lash line techniques. The lower lash line (when done right) can take a makeup look to a whole new level. Tightlining Before we discuss the placement of eyeshadow and how to blend let’s touch on tightlining. Tightlining is placing […]

blending eyeshadow

Blending Eyeshadows 101 | Plus Brush Recommendations

The key to a perfect smokey eye or any everyday eyeshadow look is blending. Since I often get asked about basic eyeshadow blending techniques I wanted to add an article to my blog for reference. These are some of my go-to steps to blend shadows. There are lots of techniques that I’ve gathered from practice but let’s start with a 101 […]


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