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tint back to natural

Tint backs are very common towards the fall and winter months. There are those that have a hair color and stick with it forever but there are lots that like to go from one color to the next. This article is to help add some clarity on the process and tips if you are considering this service. When it comes to hair I always suggest scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable licensed professional who can get you to your goal color.

Quick Terms:

: Hairs ability to retain water. Effects how the color fades.

Level: The lightness and darkness of hair. Level 11/10 is the lightest (blonde) and 1 is the darkest black.

Tone: How warm or cool the hair is. Terms like ash, golden, copper, etc. are all examples of tonality in hair.


When jumping from one end of the level spectrum to the next, filling the hair is necessary to cancel out any unwanted tones. One of the most common mistakes I see is when a blonde wants to go brown so they just purchase a box from the store. The hair ends up turning green and not the pretty color on the box. This happens because the formula is unknown with box color and a necessary color was missing. With blondes even if the blonde doesn’t want to be “red/copper” the formula has to consist of the color that is missing to balance it out.

This also comes into play when the porosity of the hair is different. Porous hair absorbs and releases (fades) color much faster. A hair colorist will formulate accordingly.

When getting a tint back to natural the stylist will fill your hair by applying the fill color first then rinsing it and applying the final color on top. Another way is by adding the fill color in the formula and do an overall color. It all depends on the condition of the hair and what the existing color of the hair is.


When going from a very light color to a deeper color using direct dyes, semi, and demi types of formulas are the most conditioning and are often used. Because of this, fading will happen. Most stylists will formulate deeper so that the faded color will be the lasting color result. With porous hair, this typically takes a few shampoos. Don’t be alarmed by the initial color. This is normal and something that is often covered in the consultation depending on how your stylist formulates.


Adding low lights is a great way to test drive going darker. You can see the deeper pieces in your hair and if you end up liking it you can gradually add more or you can jump in and take the plunge to go dark.

I’m a huge fan of wigs and extensions. Wigs are a quick and safe way to test out a new color. No commitment and if you don’t care for it just take it off lol. Extensions have the same effect as low lights. Get those placed in your hair and just remove them when you are ready.

Lastly, color gels and masks. These are very temporary and most wash out with just soap and water. While they won’t give you an exact idea as they only coat the hair in color, it’s still a good option.


When you are ready for a change spend the time researching for a stylis. Read reviews and ask friends. Once you meet with them make sure to bring photos so you can be on the same page. If the style is not doable in a certain time period the stylist will communicate that with you.

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