Concealer Uses | Choosing the Best Concealer for Color Correcting

concealer uses

Concealer is a wonderful multi-use product. There are lots of different formulas on the market that can suit every skin type. It can be used in any season but is especially perfect for hotter months when you want to look put together with minimal makeup. Here are some of the uses.

Traditional concealer

Covering blemishes was the most common use for concealer but today it is often used to highlight areas on the face. This is interesting because that is the complete opposite meaning. What would be considered “old school” or “classicconcealing is to apply the product to areas of the face that you want to cover by using a shade that matches your skin tone. This is still used but it is not as highly marketed for this purpose like highlighting and contouring.

Highlight and contour

As mentioned above highlighting with a shade lighter than your skin tone is very popular. Although there are no “rules” in makeup there are some techniques that work more efficiently. Placing a lighter shade of concealer in areas of the face that naturally are illuminated in the sunlight will give your skin a more youthful natural appearance. For areas like under the eye if you want to brighten the area pick a color that is no more than 1 shade lighter. If you pick a color that has a warm peachy undertone it helps to brighten and cover dark circles. 

For contouring, most concealers are not formulated with cooler grey tones that are needed to create a shadow. Using a concealer that is a shade or two deeper in tone can be used to bronze or give the skin dimension that foundation takes away when applied.

Color correcting

There are times that concealer alone won’t cover a problem area because the pigment underneath shows through. In this case, color correcting would work more effectively. Color correcting by use of the color wheel is key across the beauty industry from the skin to hair color. Depending on what color you are trying to cancel out the color wheel is the perfect blueprint. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel cancel each other out.

color wheel2

There are a few underlying tones that you will often see in skin such as red (acne blemishes or rosacea) and blue/deep violet (dark circles, discoloration around mouth or scars). Lighter complexions tend to have more red (rosacea) while deeper complexions tend to have more of the blue/deep violet tones (discoloration). To cancel out red tones use green and to cancel out blue/violet use orange/salmon base concealing products. Depending on how deep the pigment is yellow can also to added for brightening. Once you pick a color opposite of the color wheel then use your skin tone color on top and blend. Lastly, set with a lightweight powder.

Always use light layers to keep it natural looking. (If you need help finding your skin tone color check out my post here I use the same method for concealer)

Brow clean up

Brows frame the face and set the tone for a makeup look. Using concealer can help you achieve the perfect brow. Clean up or shape the brows using your favorite method (check mine out here), then with a flat brush apply a thin layer of concealer under the brows. Using a concealer a half shade lighter will give the look of freshly groomed brows.

Eyelid base

To keep your eyeshadow lasting longer, concealer can be used instead of an eye primer or cream base. Depending on what look you aim to achieve using it as a base works well. Do this by first applying a thin layer of concealer then lightly blend out. Depending on the formula set it with a lightweight powder, then start your eyeshadow look.

Wing liner corrector

I love good wing liner. Minimal makeup with red lips and a wing liner is my favorite look to wear. Sometimes there are days that ”the wings” don’t want to match up. This is when concealer can save the day. After applying your wing liner take a clean flat brush and place the concealer under the wing. Lightly pull the product upwards to clean the wing underneath.

Prevent lipstick feathering

Concealer can be used to perfect lipstick application or to prevent it from feathering. For this apply lip liner all over lips, add lipstick, then apply a thin layer of concealer around lips with a flat brush. This method works very well as traditional lipstick and blush seem to be the fastest to fade with makeup application.

How do you use concealer? Are you a fan of highlight and contour?

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