Customize Foundation for Season Change and Color Correction

customize foundation

Customizing makeup products are really fun and simple to do. I often do this because my skin tone is constantly changing from visiting the beach. It’s nice to have the correct foundation shade on hand. A few key products will get you through season changes whether you have a tan in the summer or lighten up in the winter. Having these mixing products can also help you save money on items that you have purchased but can’t use because your skin has changed in one way or another. No need to throw out those products when you have these tricks.

Multiple Foundations 

When I purchase a foundation I normally buy 2. One in my shade at the time of purchasing and one in a darker shade. I buy a deeper shade because here in Guam it is so hot and my skin tans so easy. This method works so great because when I get darker I can always mix in the deeper shade in my foundation to match my tan. When my tan lightens up I can use less of the deeper shade to get my perfect match. If I was still in Pennsylvania I would go for a lighter shade for my second foundation because winter seems to be much longer out there. My skin didn’t get nearly as much sun as I do out here. 

This also works with different types of foundation. Sometimes a formula might be too matte so you can mix a little dewy or natural finish foundation to make the product more to your liking.

Foundation Mixers

My favorite additive for customization is the Chromatic Mix drops by MAKE UP FOR EVER. They have all the primary colors so if you have a foundation that needs a bit more yellow undertone you just add a few drops to your foundation and there you have it…perfect undertone matching. This can also be used in your concealer to create a color corrector. Add the appropriate color to your concealer and use it just as you normally would. This is great because you can have one concealer but mix it separately on the back of your hand to create a shade your color correcting without having to buy a new concealer.

These drops come in water-based and oil-based formulas so you can pick the one that is right for the product you have. Look at the items ingredient list to pick the correct formulation match. If water is within the first few ingredients and not oil…it is water-based and vice versa.


I first want to start off by saying primers are not necessary for foundation application. Foundations are already formulated with primers in them. Well moisturized skin is the perfect canvas for foundation application. On another note, if you have a foundation that is too dewy or too matte you can use a primer to adjust the foundation finish. I also reach for primer when I want to reduce the appearance of acne scars or large pores. Primers can be great to manipulate the finish in your final makeup application.

Do you use products to customize your foundation? Which is your favorite?

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