Simple Festive Holiday Makeup Tips

holiday makeup tips

The holidays are officially here!  Usually, during this time of year, there are lots of parties and fun get-togethers. With all these activities why not add a little more glam to your everyday look?! I’m here to share with you some simple holiday makeup tips that will have you looking festive without doing too much! Try these tips one at a time or all at once depending on how glam you are feeling that day.


There is no way I would write a blog post about holiday makeup tips and NOT include glitter! I had to put it first. Glitter is so fun! Everyone can wear it…yes…everyone can wear it. It all depends on placement though. My favorite way to use glitter is as a liner. This works especially great for mature eyes. A glitter liner against matte neutral eyeshadow is so beautiful and festive.

After applying your shadow use your glitter liner of choice. I like the Glitter Goals liner by NYX. 

Apply a thin line then slightly wing it out. If you have issues applying liner check out my post here. You can also use pressed glitter shadow and an angle brush. For those with large amounts of lid space adding a thicker glitter wing liner will really set off your look.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous try a bare lid cut crease with a glitter liner pop. Check out a similar tutorial below.

For a more subtle look that has a similar effect opt for a metallic liquid liner with shimmer.

Bright color accents

I use bright color accents throughout the year but especially during the holidays. Applying a metallic green liner in the waterline or smudging it on the top lash line against a neutral eyeshadow looks perfect for any holiday party. This is a very quick way to transform your everyday look into something a bit more festive. If green isn’t your color try gold, copper, or metallic blue. Depending on your eye color and your overall look these colors would work great. I like the metallic eyeliner pencils by NYX, LA Splash, Sephora, and Colourpop have good ones as well.

Along with liner, smoking out the lower lash line with festive colors creates a fun more sultry look. This trick works great for mature eyes as well. Check out this link for more info.

Cluster lashes

Lashes…lashes…lashes! I love lashes they really change a look. For the holidays I encourage you to try them out. I suggest cluster lashes because they are very quick to apply and they offer a stunning pop. Ardell Lash Wispies Clusters are my favorite. 

If you have never applied false lashes watch my how-to video below. This video shows you exactly how I apply 3 types of lashes.

Once you have finished your eye look apply your clutter lashes of choice as close to the lash line as possible.  Placing a few lashes across the lash line will give you more fullness. Applying shorter clusters in the inner corner and applying longer lengths on the other corner of the lash line will give you a cat-eye effect. 

Classic red

Last but certainly not least wear a classic red lip. Red lipstick looks good on everyone. If you want something a bit less bold try a sheer wash of red.

To do this:

  1. Line your lips with a red lip liner then lightly fill in both lips entirely.
  2. Rub your lips together to blend.
  3. Next, put some lipstick on your fingertip and press the color onto your lips.
  4. Rub your lips together to blend then blot the excess color off with a tissue.
  5. Keep blotting until you reach your desired sheerness.

If you want a more matte finish tap a little translucent setting powder on top with a fluffy brush.

Want to know my favorite long-lasting red lippies? Check out my post here.

If you tend to have dry lips or you just want something more moisturizing go for a bold gloss. I like So Juicy and Ulta Glossy Lip by Colourpop.

 What is your favorite holiday look? Do you like full glam or something fun yet understated?

Thanks for hanging out!
XO Terreana

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